My rates are very simple and are always discussed and agreed in advance with each client, depending on the scope of work.  I offer each client an initial one hour consultation free of charge.  And, three easy payment options depending on what’s right for you, these are:

1. Pay per hour.  You only pay for the hours I work, rounding up or down to the nearest 15 minutes. Great if you are using my services for the first time and want to make sure that a virtual assistant is right for you.

2. Project.  You pay a set price to complete a one-off project.

3. Retainer. You pay for a fixed amount of hours per month to be used as and when needed. I keep track of the hours used and let you know if you are nearing your limit, or if there are any unused hours which can be rolled over to the following month, but must be used within 60 days.