What is a Virtual Assistant?

For my first blog post, I thought that the most obvious thing to do would be to write about what a Virtual Assistant is, and what they do.

If you type, ‘what is a Virtual Assistant’ into google or something along those lines, your response will be something along these lines…

‘A Virtual Assistant (typically abbreviated to VA) is a self-employed administrative or personal assistant who works remotely (usually at home) for various clients.’

So, what does this mean? Advancing technology now enables us to work anywhere so you no longer need to hire a professional to sit in your office.  Experts project that within a few years, more than 1.3 billion people will work virtually and by 2020, 50% of people will work remotely. By hiring a virtual freelancer like myself, you have no salary, no pension, no sick pay, or equipment to pay for.

As a Virtual Assistant, I offer experienced professional freelance business support, ranging from general admin including managing expenses to project management.  By having me on board I can help you remove the small jobs that stop the big jobs getting done, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

By being freelance you can use me just the once, which is great if you want to make sure that a Virtual Assistant is right for you. You can use me for a few hours a month or even just for a one-off project.

I offer all my clients a free one hour consultation to discuss any business requirements, so please get in touch if you think that there is something you think that I can help you with.

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